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Award Booking Service

In addition to the free information on this site, I also offer a custom award planning and booking service.


If you're looking for a crazy, 15-city, round-the-world-in-business-class adventure, nobody does it better.  If you just want to skip the headache of learning the details and searching through pages of flights, and have a well-planned itinerary built and gift-wrapped, I do that too.

I'm also a TICO-certified travel agent, with access to special rates and perks at the finest hotels in the world.

UPDATE JULY 12: I am currently at full capacity, and unfortunately cannot take on new award-booking clients until roughly mid-September. I'm not willing to offer you half an effort, that would be unfair to both of us.

I will do my best to continue responding to short requests for advice during this time, at no charge.

Why Use An Award-Booking Service?

Years of non-stop travel give me extra insight into why you'll be happier on one airline instead of another, what it's like to spend a day-long layover in Singapore or Zurich, why a nervous flyer might prefer to fly into Heathrow over London City, and why you'll be happier flying Turkish Airlines from Montreal than from Toronto.

I also advise clients on award strategy, for example why a client with points built up in multiple programs might want to use up their supply of one award currency before another, or how to most efficiently pursue elite airline status.

Why do I need help? Can't I just do it myself?

You absolutely can; I've provided all the tools on this site, and I'm happy to answer questions. My service is generally most popular with busy people who just want the details handled by an expert, without having to learn all the details of award-travel programs, which miles to use for which trip, or how to build in a stop-over in Rome.

How Does It Work?

Send me a quick note about the kind of trip you've got in mind. If you've only got a rough idea, that's fine; once I've learned what's important to your trip, I'm happy to suggest routes and destinations you're likely to love.

If you want quick, easy connections, or the best airport lounge experiences, or a routing that gives you the opportunity to make overnight visits to as many cities as possible, I'll tailor your routing around that too.

I send a sample itinerary, and once we've nailed down your plan, I give you a detailed script of exactly what you'll need to confirm the booking. Unfortunately, most airlines' rules won't let me make the booking on your behalf, but I make it really easy, or, if you prefer, I can conference-call in and walk the agent through the booking.

Why Should You Trust Me?

You don't need to!

I've set the whole process up so that I never have access to your personal information or your account - and you should never book with a service that wants access to your frequent-flyer accounts!

I don't get a commission for booking awards - I charge a flat fee - and I work for you, not the airlines.  I succeed and make more money when I give you a trip that's so good you tell your friends. It works!

Fees + Payment

- Simple advice I can give in an email or two:  totally free.

-  Domestic award booking: 

    $50 +$25 each additional person.


- International award booking, one destination:

   $150 +$50 each additional person.


- Complex, round-the-world award booking, multiple stops:

$250 +$150 each additional person.

- If you want me to conference-call in and talk the booking agent through your reservation:

   Add $50.

Obviously, any airline miles, and fees and taxes charged by the airline, are not included. I'm only selling skilled advice.

As not all airlines publish the fees and taxes charged for multi-city awards, I can only give an educated guess at what this number will be, based on years of booking similar awards. If specific fee details are available to me, I'll share them.

Payment is by Interac bank transfer or Google Pay, once your booking is confirmed.

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