Award Booking Service

This site gives you all the information you need to plan and book a great award trip. I also offer a custom award planning and booking service.

if you want to book a crazy, 15-city, round-the-world-in-business-class adventure, nobody does it better. If you just want to skip the headache of searching through pages of flights, and have an easy itinerary built for you, I do that too.

After a short email with questions about what you want your trip to be, I'll build you an itinerary designed to take advantage of every opportunity your miles can provide.


Years of non-stop travel give me extra insight into why you'll be happier on one airline instead of another, what it's like to spend a long layover in Phnom Penh or Addis Ababa, or why a nervous flyer might prefer to fly into Gatwick over London City.


  1. Send me a note - graham AT flyermiles dot ca - and let me know what kind of travel you've got in mind.

  2. I'll send you an email with a short list of questions, to help me zero in on the best way to create a trip that's perfect for you.

  3. Based on your answers, I'll send you an itinerary with a suggested routing based on available flights.    

  4. If the itinerary works for you, I'll send you a detailed script of exactly how to list the chosen flights to the booking agent, to set up your reservation. Unfortunately, Aeroplan's rules won't let me make the booking on your behalf - but if you like, I can conference-call in and talk the booking agent through the whole process for you.


  1. I will always do my best to target airlines with low fees and the best flying experience.

  2. If you want quick, easy connections, the best airport lounge experiences, or a routing that gives you the opportunity to make overnight visits to as many cities as possible, I'll tailor your routing around that too.

  3. I don't receive any commissions from any person or organization, the best way for me to make money is by giving you a trip you love so much that you tell all your friends about me.


  1. Simple advice I can give in an email or two:  totally free.

  2. Domestic award booking, one destination + 1 stop-over: 
    $50 +$25 each additional person.

  3. International award booking, one destination:
    $150 +$50 each additional person.

  4. Complex, round-the-world award booking, up to two long stops plus as many one-day stop-overs as we can fit in (current record is 13):
    $250 +$150 each additional person.

  5. If you want me to conference-call in and talk the booking agent through your reservation:

  6. Obviously, any airline miles, and fees and taxes charged by the airline, are not included. I'm only selling skilled advice.
  7. As Aeroplan doesn't publish the fees and taxes charged for multi-city awards, and gives me a discount based on my personal frequent-flyer status, I can only give an educated guess at what this number will be, based on years of booking similar awards. If specific fee details are available to me, I'll share them.
  8. Payment is by Interac bank transfer or Google Pay.



If you can give me a little staring information using the form below, I'll get in touch and we can get started building your trip!

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