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About Flyermiles

My job usually has me on the road for 5-6 months and 80-100 flights a year, which has been a great opportunity to learn the deeper details of air travel, and frequent-flyer programs in particular.

I'm happy to share what I've learned, and that's why I built Flyermiles. I've been helping friends and family build amazing trips with their miles and points for years, and now I'm looking forward to sharing this information with anyone who can use it.

...So how does this work? What am I selling?

All the information published on this site is free. I'm happy to help you learn to book trips that get great value and great experiences out of your miles.

I have no affiliation with any airline or their reward program. If I review a product or service, it's solely my own opinion, and I'll tell you clearly, on the same page, if I have any relationship beyond "paying customer" with the provider.

The Disclaimer

All information presented on this site is the personal advice of an experienced traveller, based on information published and regularly updated by airlines and their related frequent-flyer programs, as well as the border-control and transport agencies of multiple governments. Flyermiles bears no responsibility for the frequently-changing nature of information from these actors, and we present our best possible advice at the time of publication, with a common refrain that travellers should verify these details for themselves before travel.

No travel product is sold on this site, and I am not a travel agent. Treat what you read here the same way you would advice from an experienced friend.

All written content published here is Copyright 2024 Flyermiles Canada.

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