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Help Ukrainian refugees with a matched donation of Aeroplan points

A new non-profit partnership will allow Aeroplan users to donate points to help book flights for refugees fleeing the devastating war in Ukraine.

The new program, called the Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund, is a public-private partnership between Air Canada, the government of Canada and non-profit organization Miles4Migrants, and states the goal of bringing 10,000 Ukrainians to Canada, with special immigration procedures fast-tracked by the government of Canada.

Air Canada has provided the Fund's first donation of 100 million Aeroplan points, followed shortly by a commitment by the US-based charity The Shapiro Fund to match up to 50 million additional points.

While the federal government has pledged to welcome an unlimited number of Ukrainians, who are eligible to stay in Canada for up to three years as temporary residents under the immigration program announced in response to the Russian invasion, the government is not matching donations or contributing financially to the program.

Eligibility for the program is restricted to Ukrainians and their families approved for travel to Canada. More than 16,000 Ukrainians have come to Canada under the program to date. Ottawa has so far approved travel to Canada for more than 46,000 Ukrainians.

Donations can be made directly through the Miles4Migrants website or directly through Air Canada.


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