FlyerMiles exists to help Canadians make the most of the valuable frequent-flyer miles and hotel points that many people don’t even realize they have!

Years of non-stop travel for work and fun have taught me the tips, tricks and details of frequent-flyer mileage programs, and I've built this site to share what I've learned. I'll teach you how to get great value out of your frequent-flyer miles, for free.

I'm not selling a subscription, or an e-book, or membership in a secret program. The information's all here, and it's all free.

I do offer a custom booking service, if you'd rather save time searching and scheduling, or scouring seating charts to see if you'll be more comfortable on a Lufthansa 747 or an Ethiopian Dreamliner.

I can build you a customized travel plan to take you anywhere from a quick visit to family, to a multi-city trip around the world in business class. I'll help you minimize fees and taxes, and find the best, most comfortable routing possible.

I specialize in Air Canada's Aeroplan program, but most of what's covered here applies across multiple programs.

If you've come looking for info on Aeroplan's mRTW awards, you'll find it here!

Flyermiles 101

Years of constant travel have taught me the tips, tricks and details of booking great flight awards - and I'll teach you what I know, for free.


No subscription, no e-book, no catch.

Award Booking Service

I do offer a custom award booking service, for anyone who'd rather save the time and just hand it off to an expert.

All the methods I use are described in the free sections of the site; I'm not holding the good tricks back for myself.

Aeroplan 'micro-Round-The-World'

This is by far our most-requested award.

Here I'll introduce you to one of the most useful, flexible tickets in all of award travel. Multiple continents, multiple cities, all on one ticket, starting at 75,000 Aeroplan miles. 


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