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  • Graham

Aeroplan is matching donations of points to Miles4Migrants this week.

Aeroplan has an ongoing relationship with a US-based 501(c)(3) charity called Miles4Migrants, that's dedicated to using donated frequent-flyer points to help people impacted by war, persecution, or disaster start a new beginning in a new home.

I'm personally a great fan of the work they do, it creates enormous positive change for individuals and families worldwide. I recognize that international migration is an issue many people feel strongly about with different opinions, and all I'll say on that subject is that everyone Miles4Migrants helps has already been granted the necessary immigration clearances for their travels.

This week, Aeroplan is matching donations of points, so if you happen to be sitting on a ton of points you don't need, or someone in your world has got an account with too few points for an award that's unlikely to rack up more, this is an option worth considering.

You can donate as little as 1,000 points; a few generous individuals have donated up to 100,000 each!


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